07 March 2017

Every year in USIU-Africa, student elections are held with aspirants promising to deliver the moon and the sun in one plate to USIU-Africa Students. The campus during this period is littered with posters, t-shirts and all other promotional items for each candidate. This year is no exception as the latter has or is already happening.

Previous SAC Leaders during freshman bash


The Student Affairs Council (SAC) is charged with the task of providing an effective forum for discussion and negotiation with the university management and any other relevant persons on all matters affecting student welfare. SAC is also responsible for encouraging students to attend local, national and international events. This has been the biggest challenge for SAC as student attendance and participation has been on the down low and students are only attending specific events i.e. Culture Week and Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa. So, what happens to all other events? It is hoped that with a new band of leadership, this will change.

The hotly contested SAC Chair seat will be the one the watch out for even as students continue to form teams or the proverbial ‘coalitions’ that features heavily in 3rd World nation politics. Another interesting point to note out is the colossal voter apathy experienced in USIU-Africa.  The number of students who vote are less than a quarter of the student population. There is need to sensitize on voting especially among the students. Some students simply vote because voting takes place in the cafeteria and since they are grabbing a snack or two, they might as well go and vote after an aspirant gave them a 1 minute pitch at the cafeteria entrance.  The graduate representative is even worse as most of the graduate students run unopposed or sometimes like last year, a by-election was held later because by the time of election, no one had shown interest.

So, to be able to change all this, plan and attend the aspirants debate that takes place on   Monday 13th March 2016 at the auditorium as from 9:00 a.m. The aspirants will be able to give their manifestos and strategies should they be elected to the desired positions. Elections will be held on 14th and 15th March 2017 respectively.

PS: Culture Week is coming up so look out for a detailed guide next week

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