SUMMER 2017: An open letter to the incoming SAC Chair

  07 May 2017

Summer 2017 is here!  Welcome back to campus! For the incoming freshmen, get acquainted and settle in! This semester promises to be different since the commencement ceremony for 2017 will take place just at the onset of Fall semester.

  Another thing to look forward to is the swearing in of SAC(Student Affairs Council) Leaders. Now this is something that has become a gray area of late. SAC nowadays consists of individuals who unfortunately have been reduced to figureheads ;who are doing close to zero in pushing the student agenda.

 They have been reduced to sitting at the comfort of their plush office in the student center ; seating in orthopedic revolving chairs. So, this goes to the incoming SAC Chair Mr. Chad Naggi. I hope the sensational campaign that consisted of a horse ( Why the hell did you bring a horse?  One would think USIU had become a miniature Disneyland ) And the Cotton Candy . Oh my God!. The well-articulated speeches just don’t cut it.  I hope to hear more of you Mr. Naggi. Campus Awards 2017 also happens to take place this semester. Kindly think carefully about it. Previous SAC regimes have proven to make a mess out of this event. Dishing out awards to students who don’t deserve it; aside the poorly organized events that are accompanied with inaudible MCs  who try their luck to an auditorium of 25 people who are probably loyalists. Please, Mr. Naggi do something.

And finally Mr. Naggi, the Graduation Dinner also takes place this semester. This fortunately, has maintained its stature and elegance over the years; aside from when a certain SAC regime wanted to take it to a venue that was considered to be an equal of Nacy’s  Café.  And just a sidebar, increase your social media interaction. Students go on Facebook and complain of one thing or another but there is no one to assist them aside the University team who are always willing to assist. This is your turf. Bank on it . Get someone to respond to student queries. Put in some work!!  Trust me I will be the first one to applaud you for a job well done!! Chin up and get to work!!

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