12 June 2017

As highly anticipated and advertised, the frequency ‘reggae ‘ edition went down on Wednesday 7th June 2017 at the smokers section next to the old gym. The event started at around 5 with scores of students trickling in to attend. The event lived up to its theme as nothing but reggae music was played. The intro featured some roots and culture as MCs Yut Man Viky and MC  Kassim opened the event.

MC Yutman Viky hyping the crowd as the event began. (Picture:Elvis Jonyo)

It was quickly followed up by MC Chuck Thee Entertainer, who took over the dancehall section and kept the crowd abuzz with his charisma. Guest performances quickly followed as Cara Feral  took the stage and wowed the audiences with her mellow and soft voice as she sang her hits which include “Hakuna Matata” and her latest single, " Daily Dose".

Hypeman Chuck Thee Entertainer, takes the crowd through a  'Bazokizo' Jig.

Empress Cara Feral performs "Hakuna Matata" off the Destination Riddim produced by ZJ Heno.

Next up was iconic music producer and DJ  ZJ Heno, who played  his set even as the crowd psyched up to the dancehall hits churned out.

Zj Heno(pictured) warms up the crowd during the event.

Then finally, the band that everyone had been waiting for, Gravitti, took their place on the stage and the crowd was thrown into a frenzy. First, their setup was brilliant. Their sound was so clear you could hear the male singer’s falsetto effortlessly. The band started off with a high tempo and maintained it as they churned out mashups of famous reggae songs. The band delivered one of the best live performance experiences that has ever been witnessed in a school event. This just leaves a bad after taste when you think of how other school events are handled. That remains to be a story for another day.

Gravitti Band lead female singer caught in the moment during their performance.

For some people such as Austin Otieno, the reggae was too much he has to bust a move.

After their 25 - minute performance, the frequency reggae edition curtains folded.  This has been the first of the semester and another one is in the works. Stay tuned.

The Carribean Date Family

A well done job to the Carribean Date Family. To Yutman Viky ,Nashon Owano,  MC Kassim,Nadia Mutuma,  Steffi Vuulen, Mashaa, DJ Jeff Mike, Producer Symo  and Austin Otieno; Salute. And of course big up to the brainchild; USIU Radio.

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