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In just a few hours, the Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa will go down at the CK Square in Two Rivers Mall which comfortably sits on top as the biggest mall in East & Central Africa. The contestants have been working hard and pushing themselves ad its about time the best of the best is recognized. You do not want to miss this event !!

The performance line-up is also star- studded with the likes of The Kansoul famed for their 'Bablas' hit, Elvis Who, Le Band and the Dew Band.

Courtesy: Standard Digital, Kiss 100, Muziki



The MCs for the night will be the more than able duo of Amina Abdi and Daniel Weke.

Courtesy: Olive Aseno, Mpasho


Regular tickets go for Ksh 300 while non USIU-Africa students is Ksh 700. VIP tickets go for Ksh 2000 while VVIP tickets are Ksh 4000.

The after-party takes place at Bztek Lounge with free complimentary drinks and marked down prices for beverages


Parking will be free of charge and Uber taxi fare will be discounted. The proceeds from this charity event will go to AlTawoon Education Center based in Korogocho.Time is ticking!! If you missed how the pre-judging went down, click here for the whole scoop.


As highly anticipated and advertised, the frequency ‘reggae ‘ edition went down on Wednesday 7th June 2017 at the smokers section next to the old gym. The event started at around 5 with scores of students trickling in to attend. The event lived up to its theme as nothing but reggae music was played. The intro featured some roots and culture as MCs Yut Man Viky and MC  Kassim opened the event.

MC Yutman Viky hyping the crowd as the event began. (Picture:Elvis Jonyo)

It was quickly followed up by MC Chuck Thee Entertainer, who took over the dancehall section and kept the crowd abuzz with his charisma. Guest performances quickly followed as Cara Feral  took the stage and wowed the audiences with her mellow and soft voice as she sang her hits which include “Hakuna Matata” and her latest single, " Daily Dose".

Hypeman Chuck Thee Entertainer, takes the crowd through a  'Bazokizo' Jig.

Empress Cara Feral performs "Hakuna Matata" off the Destination Riddim produced by ZJ Heno.

Next up was iconic music producer and DJ  ZJ Heno, who played  his set even as the crowd psyched up to the dancehall hits churned out.

Zj Heno(pictured) warms up the crowd during the event.

Then finally, the band that everyone had been waiting for, Gravitti, took their place on the stage and the crowd was thrown into a frenzy. First, their setup was brilliant. Their sound was so clear you could hear the male singer’s falsetto effortlessly. The band started off with a high tempo and maintained it as they churned out mashups of famous reggae songs. The band delivered one of the best live performance experiences that has ever been witnessed in a school event. This just leaves a bad after taste when you think of how other school events are handled. That remains to be a story for another day.

Gravitti Band lead female singer caught in the moment during their performance.

For some people such as Austin Otieno, the reggae was too much he has to bust a move.

After their 25 - minute performance, the frequency reggae edition curtains folded.  This has been the first of the semester and another one is in the works. Stay tuned.

The Carribean Date Family

A well done job to the Carribean Date Family. To Yutman Viky ,Nashon Owano,  MC Kassim,Nadia Mutuma,  Steffi Vuulen, Mashaa, DJ Jeff Mike, Producer Symo  and Austin Otieno; Salute. And of course big up to the brainchild; USIU Radio.

Summer 2017 is here!  Welcome back to campus! For the incoming freshmen, get acquainted and settle in! This semester promises to be different since the commencement ceremony for 2017 will take place just at the onset of Fall semester.

  Another thing to look forward to is the swearing in of SAC(Student Affairs Council) Leaders. Now this is something that has become a gray area of late. SAC nowadays consists of individuals who unfortunately have been reduced to figureheads ;who are doing close to zero in pushing the student agenda.

 They have been reduced to sitting at the comfort of their plush office in the student center ; seating in orthopedic revolving chairs. So, this goes to the incoming SAC Chair Mr. Chad Naggi. I hope the sensational campaign that consisted of a horse ( Why the hell did you bring a horse?  One would think USIU had become a miniature Disneyland ) And the Cotton Candy . Oh my God!. The well-articulated speeches just don’t cut it.  I hope to hear more of you Mr. Naggi. Campus Awards 2017 also happens to take place this semester. Kindly think carefully about it. Previous SAC regimes have proven to make a mess out of this event. Dishing out awards to students who don’t deserve it; aside the poorly organized events that are accompanied with inaudible MCs  who try their luck to an auditorium of 25 people who are probably loyalists. Please, Mr. Naggi do something.

And finally Mr. Naggi, the Graduation Dinner also takes place this semester. This fortunately, has maintained its stature and elegance over the years; aside from when a certain SAC regime wanted to take it to a venue that was considered to be an equal of Nacy’s  Café.  And just a sidebar, increase your social media interaction. Students go on Facebook and complain of one thing or another but there is no one to assist them aside the University team who are always willing to assist. This is your turf. Bank on it . Get someone to respond to student queries. Put in some work!!  Trust me I will be the first one to applaud you for a job well done!! Chin up and get to work!!

Every year in USIU-Africa, student elections are held with aspirants promising to deliver the moon and the sun in one plate to USIU-Africa Students. The campus during this period is littered with posters, t-shirts and all other promotional items for each candidate. This year is no exception as the latter has or is already happening.

Previous SAC Leaders during freshman bash


The Student Affairs Council (SAC) is charged with the task of providing an effective forum for discussion and negotiation with the university management and any other relevant persons on all matters affecting student welfare. SAC is also responsible for encouraging students to attend local, national and international events. This has been the biggest challenge for SAC as student attendance and participation has been on the down low and students are only attending specific events i.e. Culture Week and Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa. So, what happens to all other events? It is hoped that with a new band of leadership, this will change.

The hotly contested SAC Chair seat will be the one the watch out for even as students continue to form teams or the proverbial ‘coalitions’ that features heavily in 3rd World nation politics. Another interesting point to note out is the colossal voter apathy experienced in USIU-Africa.  The number of students who vote are less than a quarter of the student population. There is need to sensitize on voting especially among the students. Some students simply vote because voting takes place in the cafeteria and since they are grabbing a snack or two, they might as well go and vote after an aspirant gave them a 1 minute pitch at the cafeteria entrance.  The graduate representative is even worse as most of the graduate students run unopposed or sometimes like last year, a by-election was held later because by the time of election, no one had shown interest.

So, to be able to change all this, plan and attend the aspirants debate that takes place on   Monday 13th March 2016 at the auditorium as from 9:00 a.m. The aspirants will be able to give their manifestos and strategies should they be elected to the desired positions. Elections will be held on 14th and 15th March 2017 respectively.

PS: Culture Week is coming up so look out for a detailed guide next week

 Picture shopping. Now picture never having to step into a supermarket store again. I mean at least not when you don’t have to. Add two and two together and you now have the newest entrant into the African e-commerce space, WAGON SHOPPING .

Founded by United States International University-Africa students, alumni Edgar Ochieng, and current student Musa Mutetwi, Wagon Shopping is looking to position itself as the go to, when it comes to supermarket shopping. With the goal of delivering each order in less than 2 hours, the four main categories on offer are: Foods & Cooking, Drinks & Beverages, Household & Toiletries and Beauty & Body Care.

With Mpesa & Pay-pal (for credit cards) as their two payment options, Wagon uses a Pay before Delivery model at a fixed price of ksh200 regardless of location. Wagon is an SSL Certified website meaning all the data that customers put including Passwords and Credit Card details on the website is protected from malicious attacks such as hacking. It is also equipped with a search bar and easy navigation from sign up, through to check out ensuring that one can do their shopping in as little as 3 minutes.


Some of the screenshots from the website


But is it a Logistics Platform, or a Retailer? Wagon C.E.O Edgar Ochieng says it is both, “We are a logistics company in the sense that we handle all deliveries ourselves through the Wagon Driver program were people with motor bikes or cars can sign up and deliver for us. We are also a Retail Platform as you can practically find any supermarket product, bar Electronics on our platform”.  With more than two online platforms already having its focus on Electronics, we would see why Wagon would choose a completely different business model.

Starting off in Nairobi, Kenya, Wagon plans to roll out its platform to all major Cities in Africa in the next 5 years. . Shopping will never be the same. All customers get 10% off on delivery fee on their first order.

Beauty products available from the website

This weekend’s atmosphere was fantastic for some football as we got into the game week 22 of the EPL. Tottenham staged a rousing fightback at Manchester City after Read More

From the USIwho fraternity we wish you the best in your examinations!! We will release the annual column dubbed " Things to Leave in 2016" Keep it for more details.

The Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa finals were held yesterday at Thika Road Mall Convention Centre. The annual charity beauty pageant featured students dressed up in grace and glamour all in an attempt to look perfect for the red carpet.

 Jamal Gaddafi was also in the house! (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)



The event featured various categories by designers  who displayed their creativity by dressing up the contestants with their eye-catching designs.

 The newly crowned Mr. USIU-Africa 1st runners up Ziri during the event (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)


 The MCs of the night were The Peter Swaka, Elodie and Wise . For the first time I can confidently say that this was the best combination of MCs who kept the crowd active and screaming at their favorite contestants. Big up to MC Swaka who is arguably the best MC in USIU-Africa. His mix of humor, exuberance and rapport with the audience won him over and as a result, the crowd was treated to a decent event proceedings. Cheers to the committee for this ingenious pick.

 MC Swaka  in action during the event proceedings (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)

Other highlights of the event were the contestant’s talent performance that was top notch. The contestants danced the night away and kept the crowd entertained. The contestants also had a group dance led by the choreographer Chika who introduced the act with a memorable performance.


 Elvis Who in his acoustic action (All rights reserved Photographer : Elvis Jonyo)


The guest artist of the night was none other than Kenyan US- based lyrical genius Nyashinski, who entertained the crowd with some cool throwback jams such as “Swing Swing”, “Tuendelee” and “BadBoy” featuring Amani. He proceeded to perform his recent tracks that have been on heavy rotation on radio stations; “Mungu Pekee” and “Now you Know”. He is clearly the OG of Kenyan Hip Hop.


 Nyashinski  entertains the crowd with his new single “Mungu Pekee” (All rights reserved Photographer : Steve Wachira)


And of course the moment everyone was waiting for finally arrived. The new crown holders are David and Nneka. One interesting point is that Nigerians have been featuring on the winners list since 2014.  Something to ponder about??. Here are the rest of the spoils were shared;

Most outstanding Contestant- Fred

Mr. Congeniality- Simon

Miss Congeniality-Damaris

Miss Community  Service-Elizabeth

Mr. Community Service- Jamal

Miss Talent- Vivian

Mr Talent- Glenn Seguya

Miss USIU-Africa 2nd Runners up- Daphne

Mr. USIU-Africa 2nd Runners up- Ken

Mr. USIU-Africa 1st Runners up- Ziri

Miss USIU-Africa 1st Runners up- Barbara

And of course the new Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa , David Mbehi & Nneka!! Congratulations!!!!







Usiu Martials beat University of Eldoret 32-5  in a thrilling match that was played  today at the school rugby pitch.  This just after they concluded their tour in Kisii last week.

They take on Kisumu RFC next week at the school pitch. Come support the martials!!!


What's up people!!! The final countdown to Mr.  and Miss USIU-Africa is here!!! On 17th November 2016 at TRM Convention Centre is where the new Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa will be crowned. You don’t want to miss it !!!


But first here is Road to Mr. and Miss USIU-Africa (RTMM 2016) to quench your thirst!!!

 And of course keep it USIwho for the latest updates!!! 

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