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The Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa pre-judging event went down on Thursday 2nd November 2017 in the auditorium. The event is an all-time favorite of the USIU-Africa community and the auditorium was packed minutes before the event started.

The event was hosted by MC Swaka and Ashley. The duo proved to be to be a great combination as the audience was kept entertained

MCs Ashley and Swaka were the hosts of the night.

The judges of the night were former Mr. & Miss USIU-Africa 2015 title holders, Tomide Akinyemi and Kalpa Vrikshika alongside Miss Machakos County 2017, Sheila Kanini pictured below



The event featured categories such as:


  • Introductory Walk
  • Couples Walk
  • Talent showcase
  • Group Dance
  • Final Walk

The contestants wowed the crowd with their prowess in various categories. Others were exceptional and of course the average performances also featured.

The contestants get jiggy with it during the group dance.

Contestant Adan Mohammed offers a hand kiss to fellow contestant Mercy Onyango during the couples walk.

Mehreen Shajahan plays Doctor during her walk.

The event ultimately came to an end as 16 contestants were picked for the final event and as follows:


Male Contestants

Aakash Barot

Ambrose Mugume

Feizal Ahmed

Eric Odhiambo

Caleb Martin

Joseph Riak

Adan Aarif

Denver Bagaka


Female Contestants

Blessing Nashim

Joyce-Kayla Kiarie

Nelly Maina

Mehreen Shajahan

Mercy Mwendwa

Mercy Onyango

Eugenia Ignatius

Akual Chan Awer


The final event takes place on 23rd November 2017 at the Two Rivers Mall. Check out the photos and remember to  keep it Usiwho for all the updates!!

Freshmen 2017, welcome to campus! Here is to greater heights and epic moments. Keep it USIwho for the latest campus happenings.

Students and staff of United States International University – Africa (USIU-A) on Tuesday blocked traffic on Thika Superhighway during a demonstration over a land dispute.

VICE CHANCELLOR INSTALLATION: Vice Chancellor Prof. Paul T. Zeleza (second left) puts on the ceremonial gown assisted by the Chair of the Board of Trustees Mr. Linus Gitahi (center) and Chair of the University Council Dr. Lola Odubekun (left). Looking on are the Chancellor Dr. Manu Chandaria (second right) and former Vice Chancellor Prof. Freida A. Brown.

Source: United States International University - Africa

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Following the successful by-election for the office of SAC Chair on Friday, November 20, Mr. Juzer Yunus has been declared the winner by the USIU-Africa Electoral Commission.


He will be sworn in as the new Chairman of the Student Affairs Council, at a public ceremony to be held at the SAC square on Wednesday, November 25 at 10:40 am.

On the 17th of November 2015, members of USIU-Africa’s Zumba fitness team got the chance to have their session LIVE on air courtesy of Citizen TV’s #PowerBreakfast. The team usually has their regular training every morning in USIU-Africa’s gymnasium from 8:00am.

USIU-AFRICA FASHION WEEK provides both emerging and established brands an opportunity to showcase, network and exhibit. The event will increase the domestic awareness of home grown fashion and increase the regional presence of East Africa design, while highlighting the culture and sophisticated glamour that solidify East Africa as a style capital. The venue (USIU-AFRICA UNIVERSITY) provides you an audience and market from different countries for exhibitors and designers to sell, showcase, network and market their products and collections. We will have great food , music and performances from different artists, with three days dedicated to shopping and exhibiting ( 9th, 10th and 11th November) , you can't afford to miss the experience we have lined up for you and the final gala night fashion show , graced by high fashion models and creative designers both established and emerging.

Just a few days to the week grab that ticket for a worthwhile FASHION WEEK at USIU...the schedule for the week will be as follows;

9TH -11TH- Exhibitions

Monday 9th - Image Consulting by Emarika Image (Steve Maina)
12.40-1.00pm Mini-Runway (Designer - TBA)

Tuesday 10th - Beauty And Make up by Make up by Rose
12.40-1.00pm Mini-Runway (Designer - TBA)

Wednesday 11th - Designing and Styling - @Annabelle Onyango and Evelyn Odongo
12.40-1.00pm Mini-Runway (Designer - TBA)
( Gala fashion show)- 5PM to 9PM at the Auditorium

Thursday 12th - Fashion Entrepreneurship - Linet Anderson and Diana Opoti (
12.40-1.00pm Mini-Runway (Designer - TBA)

For inquiries and tickets contact:
+254 700651964
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



This year’s contestants have changed how students look at the Mr & Miss USIU-Africa beauty pageant. They’ve shown us what really happens and we’ve seen the videos. This coming Thursday, is the pre-judging which will be held at the recently renovated auditorium. Tell a friend, show up and witness greatness in the making for only KES 100.

Amaroll is quite a unique name. (At least that’s what We (USIwho) think)

So what is Amaroll?

In a nutshell, Amaroll is “Your eat-out companion”.

Amaroll is an (exciting new startup) online platform that connects people to their favorite restaurants. The platform enables users to order food online.

The Amaroll App allows users to access food from their favorite restaurants.  Users are able to preview menus from selected restaurants and order food. The application offers two options, one is the delivery option where the customer can chose to have it delivered at their doorstep. The second option is where the customers can pick up their order from the restaurant.What makes Amaroll special is that it tailors your restaurants according to your location. For USIU, the students will have access to all the restaurants around the school.


Amaroll seeks to provide a platform which provides a good alternative for those who cannot cook or those who are too busy to cook, by hosting restaurants that prepare close to 'home-made meals'. Of course it’s hard to beat the taste of home-made food, but we believe that there are restaurants out there that are doing a good job and our aim also is to promote this restaurants and give them an online presence. The team behind this innovation noticed that a lot of students especially those living in hostels eat out a lot, and even those who do cook often find themselves eating out even if it’s once daily, maybe due to their schedules be it classes or work.

However, sometimes the traditional process of ordering eat out can be strenuous: walking into the restaurant and having to wait for a somehow unpleasant period of  time for the order to be processed, or alternatively having to save numbers of delivery people in your phone book, and sometimes this phone numbers change and then you have to change.

The question Amaroll asked themselves is, “Why go through this hustle when you can order food through a platform that always connects you to your preferred restaurant, and saves you time, thereby eliminating this waiting queues that can be often very discomforting?” The KEY IS Simplicity.

The App also acts like some sort of virtual tour of the restaurant that gives you all the restaurant has to offer without setting a foot in the restaurant.

The traditional way for USIU students to get food is by either walking to the restaurants or making expensive calls to order food. Amaroll eliminates all that. USIU students will now be able to download to the App,


What makes Amaroll different from other platforms?

Amaroll is ‘tailor built’ for students. The prices are affordable and the app is relevant to the everyday student.

The team behind Amaroll wants to create an experience where students can filter the restaurants that are in their neighborhoods and that they use on a daily basis. USIU students can select the restaurants with a close proximity to school and have access to food at the push of a button. The system is built for convenience and eliminates the need to call or guessing what food is available at the restaurants.

They provide a wide variety of restaurants, which offer pocket-friendly prices and offer a wide variety of African and International Cuisine



What kind of restaurants is Amaroll targeting?

Amaroll is hosting the local restaurants that match the criteria that suits students. The criteria revolves around first and foremost, the restaurant providing quality meals subject to health standards, pricing and variety.

So you can expect to see popular restaurants like San Marino, Cool Breeze as well as upcoming and new restaurants like Dough-Go, without spilling the beans too much on our restaurant partners. But I can assure you Amaroll will bring on board all kinds of restaurants, and in the process offering students a wider choice of delicacies and tastes.

USIU has a huge diversity with students coming from over 65 countries in the world and for us it is an ideal market because to help, even the foreigners connect with restaurants that offer their cultural dish, as well as even for our local customers to have a huge taste palate.

The Amaroll team says they value their users and they will have a chance to suggest which one of their favorite restaurants they would like to see on board.



What can YOU, the user, expect from the app?

Features include: Access to online menu’s where a user can place an order

An online account which will help students to put aside their budget for eat-outs, which enhances people to plan their budget.

An app that enables you to make an order without making any phone call. Just as long as you have access to internet, you are good to go.



What Exciter feature does Amaroll have that keeps everyone guessing?

It is not your normal business app that just handles orders and transactions. There is a twist in it….we call it a fusion of a business and social app which I believe will offer a unique experience to our users.

I won’t reveal too much, you’ll have to sign up on for more information. J



When does this exciting app launch?

Week 9.


Call to Action?

You can log onto and sign up

This enables Amaroll to send you the download link when we launch straight into your inbox so that you will be first in the know.


Also you can go ahead and like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for more updates and information.