05 July 2017

Campus Choice Awards is here with us again! The event is meant to recognize and award exemplary students, staff and clubs in the campus community. The previous two years have been anticlimactic, aside the dishing of awards to undeserving students who are unheard of until the event dates are announced. The biggest failure about this event has been the lack of a platform to showcase the nominees achievements throughout the year. To make it worse, nominees are going around the school soliciting for votes to people who have never heard of them. If you have done exemplary work, the student community would know about it and you would earn the award effortlessly. The voting process is watered down to a competition of who can get word around fastest. Most students will ask on the material day, “So why does she/he deserve the award? “The organizing committee should strive for a workaround on this issue.

This year’s nominees are out and are as follows:

* Missing Information


Most Outstanding Lecturer - Male

  1. Dr. Maina Muniafu.
  2. Dalton Ndirang`u.
  3. Dr. Keffa Njenga.
  4. Dr.David Mwambari.

Most Outstanding Lecturer – Female

  1. Dr. Damary Sikalieh.
  2. Dr. Michelle Karume.
  3. Dr. Dorothy Njoroge.
  4. Jeniffer Orwa.

Best Academic Advisor

  1. Wilberforce Tonui.
  2. Chris Barak.
  3. Stephen Kisili.
  4. Virginia Thuku.
  5. Shardrack Lomoywara.



Most Valuable Player- Male

  1. Charles Kuka -Rugby.
  2. Ian Kambwiri -Soccer.
  3. Brian Kinyua -Taekwondo.
  4. Richmond -Athletics.

 Most valuable player- Female

  1. Gretchen Walch – Soccer.
  2. Sumaya Mustafa – Karate.
  3. Melisa Akinyi- Hockey.

 Best Captain - Male

  1. Junior Onyango – Rugby.
  2. Mungai Gichuhi- *
  3. Kabariya Yogesh-*
  4. Martin Shamala – Soccer.

  Best Captain -Female

  1. Dana Degrazia- Rugby.
  2. Beatrice Mbugua- Hockey.
  3. Susan Bisikwa- *
  4. Benta Aoko- *

 Best Sports Team

  1. Rugby
  2. Cricket
  3. Taekwondo
  4. Hockey ladies



Most Active student  

  1. Felix Okil.
  2. Stanley Karani.
  3. Damaris Kemunto.
  4. Sharon Wairimu.


Club Leader of the Year

  1. Kadidi Adams – Redcross.
  2. Mercy Onyango – Dance Club.
  3. Victor Mshindi – IT Club.
  4. Ann Daphne- *


Most Valuable Club

  1. Young Diplomats Forum
  2. Red Cross
  3. IT Club
  4. Dance Club


 Best Committee

  1. Freshmen Orientation – Haron Mulili

 Outstanding SAC member

  1. David Kiragu.
  2. Janelle Nelson.
  3. Daphne Karani.
  4. Ola Ankinyemi.

 Club of the year

  1. Red Cross
  2. IT Club
  3. Dance Club
  4. AISEC





Most Outstanding Radio Personality - Male

  1. Chuck Thee Entertainer.
  2. Andrew Kariuki –(Andy Young).
  3. Hillary Othigo-(African Emoji).
  4. Victor Ouma – (Yut Man Viky).


Most Outstanding Radio Personality - Female

  1. Maureen Michuki- (Mo).
  2. Elizabeth Muthoni (Ella)           
  3. Sharon Achieng-(King_archie) .
  4. Joy Ruguru- (The Music Junkie).


Best Vlogger/Youtuber -Male

  1. Mark Kay Hayston- Voice of Africa
  2. Manasseh Baraka- The Manasseh Show

 Best Vlogger/ Youtuber - Female

  1. Elodie Zone .
  2. Shely and Kate .
  3. Katiti and Kith .
  4. Sheba Dronyi.


Best Blogger -  Male

  1. David Ocholla.
  2. Antonio Amandla.
  3. Stephen Mutinda.
  4. Mamuch Dhiel.


Best Blogger - Female

  1. Renee Wangwe.
  2. Joyner Nina.
  3. Ella Muthoni.
  4. Joanne Waeni.

Best Photographer

  1. Alvin Walter.
  2. Nyokabi
  3. Victor Ndegwa.
  4. Charles Ndirangu (Focus Africa).


Voting takes place today and tomorrow at the Student Centre. The awards ceremony takes place  at the USIU-Africa Soccer grounds on  13th   July 2017.  See you there!



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